Joseph (Yossi) Niznik

Joseph Niznik

Yossi has had the privilege of working the many sides of the industry as a dancer, choreographer and adjudicator. Having won many male dance titles such as Jr. Mr. Candance 1999, Master Dance of Canada and American Dance Awards Male dancer of the year, there was no doubt Yossi was born to perform. He went on to experience the elation of performing for such artists as Neil Young, Our Lady Peace, Natasha Bedingfield, Eva Avila, Shilo, Carly Rae Jepson, Suzie McNeil and the list goes on. This left Yossi grateful yet unsatisfied with only being part of the performing aspect of the dance world. Striving for perfection, Yossi decided to begin teaching and choreographing for various dance studios. Within one year, he had earned the recognition of his fellow choreographers by winning the American Dance Awards Choreographer of the Year Title for both age categories 12 and under as well as 13 and above. Yossi has learned that dance training takes a big commitment, a lot of dedication and the will to strive. He is ecstatic to share his passion of dance with all of you.